Food Security Plan

In recent years, the importance of food security and safety has become increasingly apparent. The misuse of the fresh water resources, energy and nutrient discharge and climate change affect us and will continue to affect us even more over the coming years. The need for Food Security and Food Safety becomes increasingly clear and for a community, municipality or metropolis it is of utmost importance to have a plan for how current and future residents can be offered consistent, healthy and sufficient volumes of food.
Food Security

Food Safety grain seeds

Being highly experienced analysts and environmental specialists, we can review the current local situation, sketch a number of different scenarios, review the level of current food self sufficiency, the distribution of own production of crops and animal products and much more. The outcome will be a Food Security Plan, which will include a systematic scenario based package of measures that serve as strategic and tactical solutions, aimed over a horizon of 30 to 50 years in the future. This study examines the top line priorities for attaining a safe and secure food supply system for your community. The solutions reflects upon the current and future needs of your particular situation. As part of our professional endeavors, we shall also suggest the best solutions available on the market to enhance your food security.

Scope: 8 – 12 weeks, depending on local conditions and existing data.