Industrial Symbiosis

PlantaSymbioSystemPlantaSymbioSystem® is an integrated urban solution for local production of fresh food, fertilizers, water recovery and recycling, power generation (applying geothermal, wind, solar) and municipal waste to biogas as applicable to the location.

PlantaSymbioSystem LinkopingPlantaSymbioSystem® will be an integral part of future societies’ industrial symbiosis. The greenhouse, in synergy with industrial facilities, will be an end recipient for excess energy flows and CO2 as well as producing valuable biomass. The industrial symbiosis of PlantaSymbioSystem® leverages cooperation between neighboring companies and their technical infrastructure to achieve savings from exchange and storage of energy and other resources.

PlantaSymbioSystem® is developed from a holistic approach to sustainable development. We find synergies in urban functions and unlock their efficiency and profitability. The urban agriculture offer proposes a new way to cultivate food by building vertical greenhouses that reduce transport costs and emissions. This approach integrates with the city and saves money and the environment.

Plantagon Symbio SystemLocating the greenhouse in the city has added benefits. Every urban area produces large quantities of surplus heat, carbon dioxide and waste that can be put to good use as fertilizer or making the greenhouse’s heating systems more energy efficient.

The first PlantaSymbioSystem® project is started in the Swedish city of Linköping, south of the capital Stockholm.

PlantaSymbioSystem® is part of the official offer from the Initiative of the Swedish Government and Swedish Industry:

PLANTAGON Symbio City – Urban Agriculture offer. ►